Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lobster, my old friend

Remember back in January when I threw myself a birthday party and fed everyone lobster rolls that I bought, broken down so we could assemble them fresh, from Luke's Lobster? (The store that I like to patronize because they care about sustainability, and give part of their profits back to the Maine Lobsterman's Community Alliance.) Well, in the process of buying so many rolls, I got a bunch of full Lobsta Mobsta punch cards, each one redeemable for a lobster roll at any Luke's location.

And I cashed in. I was dashing from workday part one at the JCC to workday part two at Symphony Space, where I was stage managing a big concert of Israeli music for a yom ha'atzmaut celebration that the JCC organized as part of a big coalition of Upper West Side Jewish organizations. I was hungry and it was going to be a long night, and as I power walked up Amsterdam, I saw the Luke's sign beckoning, and without planning to, I dropped in, gave them a card, and left with some lobster. When I plan my visits, I bring my own gluten-free bread, and they make my roll on that. This time, I just got a fork and ate the meat, and left the bun in its little paper holder, and kept on kept on up the Avenue to workday part two. Sometimes joy (and by joy I mean lobster) is fleeting, but it's always sweet.

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