Friday, June 28, 2013

Emotions 1.0

Hmmmm. Not sure if this is actually about seeking joy, but it is about seeking a wide range of emotions, joy being among them. Alex showed this to me. It is very useful to me, because I can rarely tell whether I'm having an emotion, and if so, what emotion that might be, unless it's anger or frustration, which I'm unfortunately quite good at feeling. I am hoping that by being able to recognize a wider range of emotions (while they are happening, or later), even if they are in the more negative slices of the pie, I might be able to recognize joy more as well.

So I studied it for a while before I went to bed, and what was great about that is that I could recognize some feelings in there. Feelings I believe I have even felt! I think I'm going to laminate it and carry it with me, to help me out during the day, which is an analog version of what Alex's friend does, who has it as their iPhone wallpaper. Emotions 1.0—the new frontier. 

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  1. i <3 the idea of this laminated in my wallet.