Monday, June 10, 2013

Soup Swap field trip

Up at 5:45 AM, to the grocery store by 6:30, home and working til 1PM, and then Sunday started. I mean, there are probably people who didn't wake up til 1PM, and for them, that feels like a completely normal time for Sunday to get started. James and I headed over to Riis beach for a little while, where I got actual hang time with RGM and Strnad, and Rimma got me doing core strength—planks and cartwheels (and I did more planks later at home, while watching the Tony Awards.) But the part of the day that pure and selfish joy was the perfect evening walk with Kyle over to soup swap at Logan's. We stopped in at a new cafe on the way over. It was having a soft opening—a term I didn't actually know how to define until an hour later, after we had been to Logan's and picked up our soup, and picked up Liz and Marjorie and Joshua, and went back to free coffee drinks and pastries. After a while, many in our assembled party drifted away, and Logan, Kyle, and I discussed everything from the potential sexism in the DIY (canning and cooking, especially) movement to Obamacare. Soup Swap field trip on a perfect summer's night!

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