Thursday, June 27, 2013

I got a massage

Nothing is more selfish than getting a massage. It might be the only time in my life that I just give myself over to someone else and try really hard not to worry about taking care of them—but it's SO HARD not to, and I spend some time worrying about it and then reminding myself that actually, the point is that someone else who is really good at massage is going to spend an hour paying attention to my body and rubbing out all my fucked up muscles, and as Josh's mom used to say, "and that's OK."

So I got a massage. I get one maybe once a year or 18 months. I got a few more when I was doing the triathlon. That's when I met Karen, who is an incredibly skilled massage therapist (who I would highly recommend, if you are looking for recommendations.) Things have been hurting a lot lately. I recently got an MRI to find out why my right side of my head and neck have been so weird, and it turns out it's because I have herniated C5 and C6 discs. I have some weird shit going on in my right hip, and my right thigh, and my mid back and my low back and my left knee and my left leg in general .... not to complain or anything. (I think that joke only works with the intonation I hear in my head.) So things have been hurting a lot lately and I have been working a few jobs, and carrying things I maybe shouldn't be carrying, and I had to clean out my JCC email and google docs, which was a pretty hefty task that took a few days, and I had lined up a massage for the middle of the day, thinking I would have to get back to the JCC email task, but as it worked out, I completed that job with 45 minutes to spare, so I got to go to my massage with the JCC officially behind me.

It is always a great pleasure to see Karen, and this time was no exception. She is warm and focused and real, and she gave me a brilliant massage, and afterwards, I actually didn't hurt for a few hours!!! (Note to self, so maybe I should go more than once every 12-18 months....) Whoa. I just saw the time. I want to write all about my massage, but I actually have to get into the shower and into work. Sorry for the odd post. And yes! DOMA got struck down!

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