Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Where the Bears Are, Season 2!!!!

Bless you Andy Mirer, because it was 11:30 PM, and while my day had been full and in many ways wonderful, it was definitely not in service to my self. We kicked off the Jewish Plays Project festival of new plays with a political thriller about Jonathan Pollard. I got to reunited with the wonderful actor, mentsh, and new-ish friend Ned Eisenberg, who played the lead in Ezekiel's World a few months ago, and this time played the Israeli operative who recruits Pollard. When I got home around 10:30PM, James was on the porch with a lovely and vulnerable young person he recently met, who lives in an LGBTQ group home a few blocks over. We all hung out on the porch, and I realized that this is one of the ways I had wanted my life to change—to start to meet younger people I wouldn't necessarily otherwise meet. It's so clear to me that our new way of building family is not a one-way street, that the enrichment and love goes both ways. And at the same time, boy was I tired. I am not much of a late night person, and it never occurs to me that people start hanging out with each other at 10 or 11 pm, and yet of course that's what young adults do all the time. So anyhow, this is a bit of a digression, but also it's not, because it was 11:30 PM, and I had not found any time for just myself, and I opened my email, and I saw that Andy had written to show me that season 2 of Where the Bears Are just posted! YES! Seven minutes later, my lights were out, and soon after, so was I. (I have already written about it on this blog. A good-natured mystery web series, set in LA, populated almost entirely by bears (the gay kind. Nancy Drew meets the Golden Girls. Check it.)

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