Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Putting the FREE back in FREElance, Red Hook

Ah, the freelance life!

I had a bunch of stuff to work on—a couple Jewniverses, some theater festival producing, a film job, some health insurance maintenance, the very end of my JCC work—and it was gorgeous out, and I could exercise the FREE part of FREElancing, and I could make the world my oyster. So I headed over to Red Hook, settled down in BAKED for an afternoon of work, and cranked it out. I mean, I CRANKED it out. Four hours in a cafe with wifi and pear something or other iced tea totally did the trick. And when I got done, I took a walk around the neighborhood, which felt strangely western to me. It reminded me of Olympia in 1986, when I spent a summer there, and it reminded me a little bit of Portland in the 1990s. It might have been the weather—cool, clear, and dry—and the proximity to the water, and it might have been the funky/artsy/entrepreneurial spirit of post-Sandy Red Hook, but I became simultaneously nostalgic and enamored. I'll be back Red Hook.

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