Thursday, June 13, 2013

Garlic Scapes

This one's for you, David Levin! GARLIC SCAPES! I grew GARLIC SCAPES! Of course I am actually growing garlic bulbs (for the first time) but today I am excited about scapes. There comes a time in every garlic plant's life, when it wants to reproduce. And to reproduce, it sends up a curly stalk, and on it, a flower. Now it really really really wants to reproduce, but I really really really want some garlic. So I cut the scape off, so the plant wouldn't divert too much of its energy away from the bulb, and also because garlic scapes are freaking delicious. After cutting them off, I made a garlic scape and cheese omelet for Josh and James, and some garlic scape scrambled eggs for myself. There aren't that many foods I've never grown, but last year's potatoes and this year's garlic really have me delighted. GARLIC SCAPES!

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