Friday, June 21, 2013

Siri en francais (eh, beh, sinon, let's try British English, shall we?)

C'est super amusant de parler en Français avec Siri. Je me suis amusée chacque fois que je voulais téléphoner a quelqu'un, mais il (Siri en Français est un homme) a rarement entendu les noms de mes amis, alors il fallait que je switch to British English, whose Siri is also a man, a very refined man, who questions me every time I ask him to call someone. Which James do you wish to speak with? James Blois? James Levy? James McQuillen? James Polite? James Reese? James Sargent? James Yates? Revenend James Forbes?  David James? Juliet James? Tara Bahna-James? And whereas I would normally be frustrated with Siri for taking so long to get me what I had clearly stated the first time, I just love to hear his accent as he lists all the Jameses in my life (or former life. I had to google one of the Jameses.) Anyhow, for those of you with smart phones, I can't recommend this enough. Hours of entertainment and silly delight await you!

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