Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Creative spam!

I don't know for sure why I love this comment so much. I mean, I'm 99% sure it's robot spam, but is it really?

Im Lauren. I love bubble tea and I found some wide stainless steel straws on ebay for those tapioca balls.


The thing that brought me joy is actually not the spam itself, but just letting my imagination run free while trying to picture stainless steel straws vast enough to suck up the millions of globs in the ocean. And the monster/being big enough to sip up the ocean. And maybe the monster/being has an even bigger stainless steel straw through which it could sip up me and my friends, who were floating in the ocean. Like, first a foot would go in, and then they would sip harder, and then the whole leg, and before you know it, you are getting slurped up into some monster's mouth. Because, really, how long can you last on tapioca alone? Maybe this would be animated? And so on.

And also, do people actually use stainless steel straws for their bubble tea? I'm not from a bubble tea culture. If so, I love that too.

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