Thursday, August 15, 2013


It doesn't even matter what else happened during the day, because I slept deeply until 8:45 AM. Translate that into city people's sleep, and that's like sleeping til 2 in the afternoon. As we say at peysakh, dayenu. It would have been enough. But you know me, even though I started my day bright and fresh, I had three goals for the day. Outline my script, start writing the first act, go swimming.

I did accomplish the first two goals. I did not go swimming. I brought my swimsuit with me when I went for a trail run. I brought it with me after my run to a cove I can usually swim in, but I had hit the height of high tide, and there was no way to get down into the water. But I got to look at the water, and I got to see a little crab in the water, and I got to see the grasses that grow in the salt marsh that flows into the water, and I got to eat a lobstertini right next to the water. And then I came back home and wrote some more.

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