Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Park Slope Family Circus

You guys. Do you remember Family Circus? That cartoon with Jeffy and PJ the little blonde girl with the pony tail and their mom and the dad and it's very white Christian family values? I used to LOVE to read the funny pages. I would read all of the funnies—even the ones I didn't like. I would read the ones I didn't like first (including Family Circus and Al Capp) so I could save the ones I really liked (Doonesbury) to the end. But I still read them. Well now I can read it with complete delight. Because .... tada .... the Park Slope Family Circus has arrived!

Erin Bradley has taken the cartoons and rewritten the text to reflect our modern Park Slope lives. Please read it. Here's one of my favorites. But please go read the rest. So good.


  1. YES. Dolly is the girl. And it was Andy Capp. And what about Prince Valiant? I had to skip that one.

    There used to be a guy who would read the comics "so you don't have to" and write a column in the Baltimore equivalent of the Boston Phoenix, but then he had to get a real job. It was AWESOME. After describing the action in For Better, For Worse, he would conclude with "For better!" or "For worse!" accordingly.