Saturday, August 17, 2013

Prince, Kiss, or The Last Dance

It was a beautiful wedding. I played badminton with Ken and Carol, and I played  Corn Toss with Ken and Carol, and I lay on the grass talking with Ken and Carol, and I ate dinner with Ken and Carol, and I saw and hugged and talked a little bit with all the Sanborns, and we ate insanely delicious locally grown food, and it was at Matt's mom's and stepdad's spectacular farm, and the weather was stunning, and then there was pie—lots and lots of pie—and then, finally, there was dancing. And it was getting time for me to go, because I needed to drive 2 hours south to Portland to get to sleep to get up at 4 AM to get back to Brooklyn for James' 21st birthday, but then, finally, there was dancing. So I danced one song—nothing I knew, but with all the Sanborns, so vos ken zayn shlekht? (What could be so bad?) And then I kissed them all goodbye, and then Kiss came on. You can't leave the dance floor when your favorite song comes on. It's a rule. So I took of my coat, and I went all out, dancing with Margaret and Serena to Kiss, blissful outdoor wedding dancing, a perfect (if too early) send-off from Matt and Phoebe's glorious wedding.

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