Saturday, August 24, 2013

I planted kale, chard, and spinach

The garlic is out of the bed a few weeks now, and I am finally getting around to turning the soil, improving the soil, coming up with a cat-shit prevention system, and planting the Fall greens. It's a gross cat. I like cats. I don't like this one. And it uses my garden as a litterbox. Cayenne, rocks, wire mesh. I've tried it all. This time my plan is to put row cover fabric over the bed, on big hoops. Like this.

Try finding either fabric or hoops in Brooklyn. I ordered some online, but finally just planted the garden, with an alternate interim solution.

I love working in the garden. I love pulling up grass, tilling in hay, mixing in compost, poking holes for seeds, and finally dropping seeds in and sweeping some dirt on top of them. When I garden, I get to see my neighbors who live next door to the neighbors who let me garden in their back yard. (We share the veggies.) I get dirty and covered in mosquito bites (I don't love that part, but at least I feel alive and at least I know I'm outdoors.) I know how much I'll love it when the plants grow and feed us in the Fall. I love using my seeds from Fedco, where several friends work, who put sweet little notes on my seed orders. I love it all, except for the defecating cat.

I was very proud of my interim system—shade fabric made from green mesh—and was convinced it would do the trick.

I should have left it there and let the day land on joy, but I went back a few hours later to check on things, and found this disgusting little present. My apologies to those of you who I have implicitly promised only pleasant and joyful images. I just had to share.

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