Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Prince—Breakfast Can Wait

The best Prince show I ever went to was in Portland in 2002. It was more like three shows. I was there for the sound check. I was there for the main show at the Shnitz (Arlene Shnitzer Concert Hall.) And I was there for the after party, which lasted for hours, and for which I was standing at the stage—touching the stage—and for one brief (stupid) moment, reaching out and touching Prince's glittery silver booth, until WACK!—the hand of his security guard came down on my arm. But he let me stay there. It was a fleeting impulsive moment, and I think he got that. I've seen lots of other Prince shows too, but that was by far the best. Solo piano and voice, followed by a guitar jam at the after show. The stamina that man has is unbelievable. So when this Breakfast Can Wait single got released today with this Dave Chappelle comedy clip that sends up his stamina, you know I was all over it. Take a look.

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