Monday, May 20, 2013

Bad Lip Reading

So I was at the office all day long finishing up my work of two years, feeling sort of sad that it was so unceremonial while simultaneously feeling productive and grateful that I was there alone on the weekend and not in the midst of all the weekday chatter, and at some point I just needed some outside perspective that the world is bigger than making sure my paper files are in order to pass along to someone else, so I put the call out over Facebook, and asked for people to send me whimsy and humor. My people came through! Here's the first thing that arrived. Bad Lip Reading of the NFL. Hilarious. Delightful. Whimsical. Someone spends their time doing this so that other people can giggle. After I watched the NFL one, I watched this Bad Lip Reading of the Independent Spirit Awards. (I would WAY rather watch this version of Silver Linings Playbook.) Thank you friends, for coming through for me. Thank you Karen, for this orange peanut. I accept you.

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