Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jande Tomelilla

It's funny, on a day like this—a day during which I made a delicious haddock chowder, and took two gorgeous walks in my favorite places, sat and watched the tide pull and push some seaweed in and out and back and forth, ate a lobster sandwich, de-greased kitchen screens (which was actually fun), and read One Morning in Maine aloud to Josh and James *while* I ate chowder—to declare that my moment of pure and selfish joy was making my NPR name. But it was. Serena posted it her Facebook, and I immediately got why this was a thing. Carl Cassel. Korva Coleman. Mandalit Del Barco.

Here's how you do it. Take the first initial of your middle name. Stick it somewhere into your first name. Then your last name is the smallest town you've ever been to. Turns out that's not so easy to remember, but I did remember that I was in the smallest film museum in the world, and it was in Sweden. So I looked up the town the museum is in, and suddenly I had a future with NPR. So. My real first name is Jane. My middle name is Deborah. So my first NPR name is Jande. (That's pronounced yon-deh.) The name of the town in Sweden is Tomelilla. This is Jande Tomelilla, reporting from the world's smallest film museum.

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