Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One mussel

I thought it was going to be my joyful thing to go to the Madison Square Park food fair, but when I got there it turned out to be hot, crowded, expensive, and annoying. Still, points to me for trying, since I was in Flatiron in between a doctor's appointment and a production meeting, and needed to eat something. Later, I found out that Abigail had been there at the same time, which would have of course transformed the whole experience into one that was hot, crowded, expensive, and annoying to TWO of us. Even later, like much later, like at 8:30 PM, once I came home, and once Josh had made dinner, and once nobody was home to eat it, and I convinced Josh to go out for a run with me, I was able to meet up with Abigail (and Heath for a minute)—at a cute little cafe on Courtelyou Road. And that's when the joy came. A beautiful night, good friends, one mussel as an appetizer, and then home for Josh's dinner on the front steps. The unexpected trumps the plan.

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