Wednesday, May 15, 2013


James is the one who got me into Scandal. I'd been hearing my friends talk about it, and I'd been seeing people's FB posts when Scandal would jump the shark, but honestly? I didn't realize it was a Shonda Rhimes creation, and the marketing I saw—or maybe its name?—led me astray. I didn't know it was political. I didn't know it was set in the White House. I didn't know it was a legal thriller. In other words, I didn't know the scandal in the Scandal was linked to political intrigue, and not just people being slutty.

But then James started talking about it, and how much he loved the context of it all, and I of course wanted to check out whatever was this thing he was interested in, and gave it a shot. I was hooked from the first minutes.

Now I watch whenever I can. I'm at the beginning of Season 2, and dying to see what's gonna happen and catch up to where my friends are, so I can go back to reading their posts and get in on the discussion. Sometimes when I am too wired to go right to sleep, I watch an episode in bed. And that's what this post is about. Midnight, in bed, watching Scandal, literally starting the day—but still the middle of the night—with Olivia, (the mysterious) Quinn, Harrison,  Huck, and the rest of the crew, until my eyes close and I drift into sleep, and eventually the rest of my day.

And I love that I have James to thank for it. 

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